The term Agarbatti originates from the "Agar" or Aloes wood, the original incense which became synonymous with the word and "bathi" meaning stick. Agarbatti/Incense Stick is an item manufactured from aromatic biotic materials consisting of powdered wood, charcoal, barks, seeds, leaves, roots, rhizomes, flowers etc. with some essential oil, mineral oil, resins , gums and aromatic chemicals, the paste of which applied on to a bamboo core stick or dipping an unscented "blank" (non-perfume stick) into a mixture of perfumes and/or essential oils. Throughout the history, a wide variety of materials have been used in making incense.


  • Traditionally used during meditation and prayer
  • This calming fragrance helps to calm your nerves
  • Promotes happiness
  • Light it in your living space to create happy memories
  • Product contains : 20 Agarbatti Sticks

G-Yes Agarbatti


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