Detergent cakes are formulated using batch or continuous process of soap making. These cleansing products contain different ingredients that are used to improve their cleaning performance. The surfactant play an important role in improving the cleansing action of detergent by reducing the surface tension of wash liquid thereby improving the wettability of washable fabric.

Some of the important ingredients of detergent cakes include - surfactants, detergent builders, boosters, brightening agents, synthetic fragrances, colors, and more.

Usage Tips
To get maximum benefit from your detergent cake, follow the given usage tips -

  • Immerse the clothes to be washed in a bucket full of water with powder detergent in it.
  • Leave the clothes in the solution for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Wash by rubbing the detergent cake to the fabric and especially on the stains
  • Generally a detergent cake acts as a performance booster for detergent powder and can be used along with it to improve the cleaning performance


  • G-Yes detergent cake is synonymous with washing away tough dirt from your clothes.
  • Suitable for both coloured and white clothes
  • Retains new-like shine
  • Gives clothes a fresh fragrance
  • One-stroke application gets rid of tough dirt with minimal effort
  • Cuff and collar specialist

G-Yes Detergent Cake


    Please Note: Minimum Order Should not be less than Rs. 300