Well, to start with, G-Yes Detergent Powder is like none other. It all starts with our products doing a better job of getting your clothes clean.
But what makes our products so special? It’s all in the science..

Most other detergents contain perfumes that give fabrics a “clean” smell.  The truth behind that scent, though, is that it ends up leaving a residue in your fabrics. While your clothes might smell “April Fresh,” they’re not truly clean!

Our detergents contain only biodegradable, hypo-allergenic ingredients that are safe for the earth. They leave no residues, and rinse clean away. Our products are designed to do one thing: make it easier for water to do its job.

  • Powder detergent which makes clothes as bright as new
  • Easy dissolution formula that penetrates and removes the toughest dirt
  • Fragrance that leaves clothes smelling fresh
  • Leaves no residue on fabric
  • Use 1 scoop for bucket wash and 2 scoops for machine wash
  • Available in different pack sizes

G-Yes Detergent Powder


    Please Note: Minimum Order Should not be less than Rs. 300