The term dhoop originates from the dhoop tree, found in eastern India—whose chips give out a rich fragrance when burnt. Dhoop or Dhoopbatti or Dhoopbathi differs from Agarbathi/Incense stick in many senses. Physically, the two are completely different. Sticks are not used in dhoop and dhoop is a paste of the combustible material only. This paste is slightly damp unlike the incense sticks, which are completely dry. The chemical composition of dhoopbatti is also different. But the popular dhoop—black-colored putty—is essentially a mixture of ghee, herbs and wood chips. It is, in effect, a miniature form of havan.


  • Helps you to create an aesthetic & spiritual environment around.
  • Purifies the complete atmosphere of your home. The scent of this Dhoop makes entire surrounding pure and pleasing
  • Must for all your Puja & all other Auspicious Occasions

G-Yes Dhoop


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